How To Clean And Take Care Of Your Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry can add color, style and variety to your wardrobe. Like every object, there are very strict Do’s and Don’ts that applies to fashion jewelry. So, read on the article to check out the few rules that you should adopt while taking care of your artificial jewelry at home.

1. Avoid wearing your fashion jewelry in the water. Remove your fashion jewelry before bathing, showering, swimming, washing dishes or engaging in other activities that will expose it to water.

2. Prevent your fashion jewelry from coming in contact with household chemicals.
Remove your jewelry before using any cleaning products. Some chemicals can cause the metal of your fashion jewelry to darken.

3. Do not expose your fashion jewelry to oils, creams and perfumes. Avoid applying such products on your body where you will be wearing fashion jewelry, or allow them to absorb completely into your skin before putting on the fashion jewelry.

4. Store your fashion jewelry away from moisture in a cool, dry environment. Do not leave your fashion jewelry in a bathroom, where it will be exposed to steam and heat. A common option is to place your jewelry in a Ziplock bag. Ensure that all air is removed before the bag is closed to prevent the effects of oxidation. For more protection, purchase 3M anti-tarnish strips. These little strips can be attached to the inside of your jewelry box, acting as a magnet to all the chemicals that tarnish jewelry. 

5. Use mild dish soap and warm water to clean you fashion jewelry. Then rinse and dry it promptly. Avoid using harsh cleaners designed for cleaning precious metal jewelry, as they can cause fashion jewelry to darken.

I hope these tips have helped you in some way. Now you can feel confident about purchasing your fashion jewelry and having them last for years to come to wear repeatedly with your favorite outfits! Head over to our store!